'Dancing With the Stars'' Kristin Cavallari 'Out of My Element' (Video)

Before joining the ABC series, "the only style of dance I would do is like bop around at a club," admits the former "Hills" star.
Adam Taylor/ABC

Kristin Cavallari admits she's dealing with a learning curve on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

"I don't have any dance experience, so this is very new for me. I'm out of my element here. The only style of dance I would do is like bop around at a club," the former star of The Hills tells MTVNews.com.

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Still, she's putting her all in it, along with professional partner Mark Ballas.

"Mark and I have been rehearsing since 8 in the morning, which Mark's not very happy about," she joked.. "But it's been a good day. We're getting a lot done. We've been here for five hours almost, so we're a little sweaty, but it's been fun." (Laughs Ballas, "I'm not a morning person at all.)

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Cavallari, 24, earned a 19 out of 30 for her cha cha on last Monday's premiere, keeping her safe, but she's a little more nervous about her quickstep, which she'll debut this week.

"Dancers ... how they way they carry themselves is just completely different than how we do it in our everyday lives. They're just very free with their bodies, which I'm not very used to, although with the quickstep, I have to be very in frame and strong," she says.

One dance she's really excited about?

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"I'm looking forward to learning how to salsa dance. That's something I've always wanted to do," Cavallari says.

Los Angeles Lakers' Ron Artest -- who recently changed his name to Metta World Peace -- was the first to go on the 13th season.


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