Dancing With the Stars' Chynna Phillips: Why I Went on the Show (Video)

She reveals on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she made a bizarre bet with her husband Billy Baldwin.
Adam Taylor/ABC

Chynna Phillips struck a bet with her husband Billy Baldwin before agreeing to appear on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

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"I said if you can get me on Dancing, then I’ll do it. If I win you get a vasectomy,” Phillips said on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. "He said if you get into finals, then I can’t vote for you anymore… So baby number four might be on the way!"

Phillips doesn't says the show has changed her body.

"I can’t believe I don’t have dance class tomorrow! Do you know how grueling that show is?” Phillips told Kimmel. “I am not gonna let know my works out go — Dancing with the Stars literally saved my butt!”

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Kimmel told Phillips that he believes the more attractive you are, the earlier you go home -- pointing to Elisabetta Canalis and Kristin Cavallari as examples.

Phillips appeared on Kimmel solo as partner Tony Dovolani went to the emergency room after spraining his ankle.

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“Tony Dovolani is an amazing teacher, he taught me things I thought I’d never ever accomplish,” Phillips told Kimmel.

David Arquette,  Rob Kardashian, Carson Kressley, J.R. Martinez, Hope Solo, Ricki Lake, Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace remain on the show.


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