'SNL': Daniel Craig Gives Fans 'No Time to Die' Sneak Peek

Taking on hosting duties for the second time, No Time to Die star Daniel Craig returned to the Saturday Night Live stage on March 7, sharing an exclusive "peek" at the newest film. 

First, he recalled his first time hosting the NBC late-night sketch show back in 2012 and addressed the recent major announcement about the upcoming 25th James Bond film seeing a delay in its release schedule. 

Craig said that while it was unfortunate, the film's producers were kind enough to provide a sneak peek which he could share with his viewers. 

The supposed No Time to Die footage sees Craig as the iconic character meeting up with a woman (played by Chloe Fineman) in a casino who claims to have special information. "I always thought your game was state secrets. ... Where's your boss?" Craig's Bond asks her.

However, before the two move to a private space, the spy gets distracted by a lively game of craps. He rolls multiple winning games and soon becomes the life of the party, sharing his luck with other players. 

As the game starts to get difficult, Craig's Bond exclaims, "I can't believe my heart is beating so fast..." as he tries to roll an eight. 

"Can I get a vodka and Redbull?," the spy requests instead of his classic martini. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make — I'm buzzed!" Declares Mikey Day, toward the end of the sketch, "It seems, Mr. Bond, your luck as run out."

On Wednesday, it was announced that the latest film in the spy-thriller franchise will undergo a delayed release amidst the coronavirus outbreak. No Time to Die was set to hit theaters in April but will now do so in November.