What If James Bond Sipped Cosmopolitans? Daniel Craig Tries Different '007' Drinks on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Daniel Craig Jimmy Kimmel H 2015

Daniel Craig Jimmy Kimmel H 2015

Shaken, not stirred. ... Until now.

Daniel Craig stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to experiment a bit with James Bond's drink order.

Rather than opt for the character's signature martini, the Spectre star ordered cocktails that "didn't make the cut," like a cosmo with "mandarin orange vodka and a little splash of sugar-free cranberry juice, not concentrate," or a "strawberry dacquiri served in half a coconut with a scoop of lemon sorbet and two umbrellas -- wait, make that three umbrellas."

With Jimmy Kimmel behind the bar, Craig even goes for what's called "an alligator hand-job" and "Robitussin and tonic, straight-up," and turns around to break the fourth wall with a smoothly-delivered aside.

And by last call, Craig goes for the biggest request of the night and threatening Kimmel with a pocket-sized weapon: "I'll have a vodka martini -- shaken, not stirred -- poured down my trousers, down my thighs, squeezed all out of my socks and into a sippy cup, and then I'd like to watch you drink it."

Watch the video below.