Daniel Craig and Taran Killam Plug 'SNL': A Slice of 'Double-Oh Heaven' (Video)

Daniel Craig SNL Promo - H 2012

Daniel Craig SNL Promo - H 2012

Daniel Craig -- best known as being the darkest, broodiest James Bond ever -- is indulging his wackier side as host of this week's Saturday Night Live.

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And based on these promos alongside Taran Killam, the actor is game for some serious silliness, spoofing his tough-guy image ("I don't like guns!") in one take, fending off Killam's amorous advances in another, and -- in the best sequence -- embarking on a montage that sees the two sharing cupcakes, wearing silly wigs and giant sunglasses, and playing Monopoly

It's all such madcap hilarity, Killam dubs it "double-oh heaven" -- a Bond pun that sends Craig heading for the exit. 

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The episode airs on NBC this Saturday, Oct. 6, with musical guest Muse performing. Skyfall, the next Bond film, opens Nov. 9. Its Adele-sung theme debuted Thursday.