Darius Trump Makes a Comeback in 'SNL' Mock TV Series 'Them Trumps'

SNL "Darius Trump" Sketch — Dec. 7, 2019 — Publicity — H 2019
Dominique Russo/NBC

Saturday Night Live brought back its TV show parody Them Trumps, a faux show "from the producers of Empire" that asks one central question: "What if Donald Trump was black?"

Kenan Thompson reprised his role as Darius Trump, flanked by Darius Junior and Ivanka Trump. The digital short referenced Donald Trump Jr.’s recent book Triggered, here titled "The Media Is All Lies."

Darius Trump was appearing in front of supporters at a rally in Hershey, Pa., to campaign and squash all concerns about impeachment. "I will do whatever it takes to win this election," he said. "I will pop somebody in the head right on Fifth Avenue if I have to." This was met by cheers, but the second he mentioned the fact that he is black, the crowd turned on him.

There were a number of soundbites during Thompson's appearance as Trump, such as, "I'm the one who's making America swag again" and "I know you'll have my back, even though I'm black." He also explained, "The media don't make or break me, my followers always support me."

Near the end of the short, Thompson's Trump declared himself "the most protected man in the world."

Last season, a "Them Trumps" installment tackled Trump's State of the Union.