'Conan' Tweaks Limbaugh's Bane/Bain Comparison with Trailer Recut (Video)

The late night show gives the "Dark Knight Rises" a new voice and some very Mitt Romney-esque lines.
Warner Bros. Pictures; Win McNamee/Getty Images

The Rush Limbaugh-on-Bane conspiracy has reached the zenith of the news cycle: a place in a late night show host's monologue.

A day after the conservative radio host asked his listeners if they thought it was accidental that Bane, the hulking, Tom Hardy-portrayed villain in The Dark Knight Rises, had a name that was pronounced the same way as Mitt Romney's former venture capital firm, Bain, Conan O'Brien had some fun at Limbaugh's expense.

Thanks to Bane's unnatural, gas mask-assisted voice, it was quite easy for his staff to add some voiceover with tweaks such as, "The rivers will run red with blood before I release my tax returns."

Earlier in the day, Limbaugh tried to defend himself, insisting that he had never suggested a conspiracy. Which, of course, hasn't stopped anyone from partaking in the fun. Next up: a critical analysis of Batman's feelings on clean energy, Commissioner Gordon's opinion on the Supreme Court's healthcare decision and Catwoman's solution for the crisis in Syria.