Darrell Hammond Returns to 'SNL' as Bill Clinton at Trump Rally in Cold Open

The cold open of the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live featured two presidential reprisals thanks to Alec Baldwin returning as Donald Trump and alum Darrell Hammond bringing back his Bill Clinton impression.

Fellow former castmember Fred Armisen also returned to Studio 8H with a comical portrayal of Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an.

When asked why he was attending the president's rally, Hammond's Clinton cheekily replied, "Is that what this is? I just followed the party!"

Armisen's Turkish president then appeared, describing his friendship with Trump as very close, "like when [Francisco] Franco and [Benito] Mussolini used to take vacations together." Touching on the impeachment controversy and allegations that Trump enlisted a foreign government to investigate a presidential candidate, Armisen's Erdo?an said they could still get information on Joe Biden or "just make him disappear."

Baldwin's Trump started the cold open at a mock presidential rally, inviting several Trump supporters onstage to offer insight into "what's really happening" across the country. Castmembers including Cecily Strong and Mikey Day portrayed people showing their fervent support for the president. 

Strong shouted, "This man is under attack. It’s deep state lizard conspiracy and everyone’s in on it: the CIA, the FBI, the M-I-C, the K-E-Y and the M-O-U-S-E." Day, donning a leather vest and wig, was a "Biker for Trump" who threatened anyone who dared go against the president: "They try to get rid of you, then all of us bikers are going to ride."

SNL's Kate McKinnon also appeared as Sen. Lindsey Graham to support Baldwin's Trump, describing her character as "true Southerner" who stands "by my man," while castmember Alex Moffat hit the stage as Mark Zuckerberg, whom Trump joked "got his ass handed to him by AOC, so he’s one of us now."