'SNL' Dave Chappelle Hosts Post-Election Episode Full of Topical Sketches, Surprise Visit

Saturday Night Live’s Nov. 7 episode hosted by Dave Chappelle touched on the recent 2020 presidential election results, which were called earlier in the day in favor of former vice president Joe Biden.

Some sketches ignored current political events though, including one centered on Super Mario Bros. Another sketch spoofed a local news program about a freak hailstorm that turned into a local love story.

Other sketches were more topical. One compared Trump leaving the White House to the infamous O.J. Simpson car chase.

After his monologue, Chappelle introduced the first sketch of the episode as being about Black Americans losing jobs. In the sketch, Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin appeared as a boss firing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, played by Maya Rudolph and Kenan Thompson, on account of them being based on racist stereotypes.

"Weekend Update" was unsurprisingly centered on election results, which dominated the news cycle this week. “It’s only Saturday, and the only candidate who has conceded is Kanye West,” Colin Jost said. “He’s not the old white guy you want, but he’s still an old white guy,” Michael Che said, placating white Republicans about Biden’s win.

“Pretty soon, we will never have to listen to Donald Trump again,” Jost said. “Before he was president, no one ever cared what Trump said.”

Kate McKinnon dropped by the desk as Rudy Giuliani.

There was a reference to the fact that the Trump press conference today was held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than a Four Seasons Hotel. McKinnon joked that she first went to “30 Rocks” instead of 30 Rock. McKinnon’s Giuliani mixed up pollsters and strippers and made a reference to being a vampire.