David Chase: 'Sopranos' Should Have Ended Like 'Seinfeld'

David Chase Sopranos Headshot - P 2012
Francois Durand/Getty Images

David Chase Sopranos Headshot - P 2012

Nearly five years later, The Sopranos finale remains a polarizing, sore subject: while some fans argued that David Chase's cut-to-black ending made an artistic statement, others wanted closure.

In an interview with The New York Times, Chase appeared to have some regrets.

"It's just very difficult to end a series," said Sopranos creator. "For example, 'Seinfeld,' they ended it with them all going to jail. Now that’s the ending we should have had. And they should have had ours, where it blacked out in a diner."

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Chase has previously said the closing, Journey-infused sequence felt like the right way to end the acclaimed HBO series, nor did he have an urge to explain or defend it. He's also vowed never to do another TV series.

"It was just so overwhelming," Chase recently told THR. But he has written and directed his debut film, Paramount Vantage's coming-of-age story Twylight Zones, reuniting him with James Gandolfini, aka Tony Soprano, in a starring role.