David Harbour Impersonates a Gritty Oscar the Grouch, Busts Out Musical Skills as 'SNL' Host

David Harbour hosted Saturday Night Live on Oct. 12, poking fun at his role on Netflix's Stranger Things in his monologue by entering "the Upside Down." There, SNL boss Lorne Michaels was a mere page, and Kenan Thompson was running the show. “I was basically running the show out there, too,” the veteran castmember joked.

Harbour also played a pageant host and principal in a sketch called "Little Miss Teacher’s Friend," where young students competed over who was the bigger teacher’s pet.

A digital short spoofed Joker with a trailer for a gritty origin story for Oscar the Grouch, played by Harbour. "If everyone calls you trash and everyone treats you like trash, why don’t you just become trash?" Harbour asked, in character.

In a sketch about SoulCycle, the actor played a cycling instructor named Deacon. "This has been my dream ever since acting was too hard," he said during one of his motivational speeches for the class. New castmember Bowen Yang delivered another memorable character in the sketch.

Pete Davidson made his first real appearance of the season, showing up during the monologue as well as in a "Weekend Update" segment to talk about recent research on sexually transmitted diseases.

In a musical sketch called "Folk of the Past," Harbour played one third of a throwback folk act that also featured Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant. He sang and played guitar during the skit.

The actor also played a dad in another digital sketch. The commercial parody was for a father-son podcasting microphone meant to bring dads and their boys closer. Kyle Mooney played Harbour's son.

McKinnon and Harbour played a grandfather and grandmother, respectively, in a sketch where the grandparents kept being very sexual, much to the chagrin of their grandchildren.

Cecily Strong paid a television judge who handled dog-related cases, and Harbour played the owner of a canine who pulled down the shirt of a woman played by McKinnon. Strong ruled that they had to switch dogs. She also broke slightly while trying to wrangle a pug.