David Hasselhoff Iced Coffee Ads Targeted by New England Thieves

The "Baywatch" star is quite amused by a spree of robberies committed by fans dying for his face on a poster.
Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Cumberland Farms is being hassled right out of its Hoffs.

The New England-based convenience stores are suffering from a very specific crime spree: patrons are smuggling out a constant flow of iced coffee ads featuring the face of one Knight Rider and Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff. About 550 have been stolen in all, the AP reports, it seems to be confusing him.

At one point, Hasselhoff told the city's news station WHDH7, that he thought he was being accused of stealing from the chain. And then, he thought he was being complimented.

"I looked at the report this morning that said 'ripped Hoff' and I thought, 'Aw that's nice, they're saying I'm still in good shape,'" he said, "and then I realized people were stealing me."

Not that he's troubled; in fact, Hasselhoff is encouraging the theft -- so long as it comes with some honest commerce, too.

"I just hope nobody gets in trouble but I encourage everybody to go out and see what they can do about stealing a Hoff but please have a cup of coffee while doing it," he joked.

They may want to avoid the Cumberland Farms in Wallingford, Connecticut, though; that location has managed to hold on to all of its signs, guarding them like the valuable jewels they are.

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