David Letterman Blasts Indiana's Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Law in 'Top Ten' (Video)

The 'Late Show' host said "it may be legal, but it ain't right."

Indiana native David Letterman is not happy with religious freedom legislation in Indiana, which critics worry will allow for businesses to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

“This is not the Indiana I remember as a kid,” Letterman said on Tuesday's The Late Show. “I lived there for 27 years. Folks were folks, and that’s all there was to it." Before introducing a Top Ten mocking Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Letterman added, "It may be legal, but it ain't right."

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The Top Ten list, "Guys Indiana Governor Mike Pence Looks Like," included famously explosive basketball coach Bobby Knight, whom Letterman said he'd rather be the governor of Indiana.  

"Remember when Bobby Knight would throw stuff on the court?" said Letterman. "That was big news in Indiana. And now we have this."

The law, which is to take effect July 1, has been criticized by many other public figures including George Takei and  Apple CEO Tim Cook and led to boycotts of the state. Wilco canceled a May 7 concert in Indianapolis, and Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally have canceled a May 16 show in the city. They will perform Wednesday at Indiana University, saying they'll donate proceeds from the show to the Human Rights Campaign.