David Letterman by the Numbers: First Top 10 List, Most Frequent Guests, Who Was on His First Show

Regis Philbin on Late Show With David Letterman - H 2011
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Who has appeared on David Letterman's late-night shows more than any other guest?

On Thursday CBS released a list of fun facts and figures from the host's 33 years in late night, including both his current show, Late Show With David Letterman, as well as his NBC series, Late Night With David Letterman.

It turns out that Regis Philbin has the most Late Show appearances, with a total of 136, followed by Jack Hanna (75), Tony Randall (70), Marv Albert (53) and Tom Brokaw (49). Albert, meanwhile, holds the record for most Late Night appearances with 73, followed by Richard Lewis (48), George Miller and Brokaw (40), Jay Leno (39) and Teri Garr and Robert Klein (30).

In total, there will have been 19,932 guest appearances on Letterman's shows by the time he retires.

Other fun facts and figures as of May 20, which is when Letterman's final Late Show is set to air:

— There will be a total of 6,028 broadcasts of Letterman's late-night talk shows: Late Night had 1,810 broadcasts over 595 weeks, while Late Show has had 4,214 broadcasts, plus four primetime specials, over the course of 1,135 weeks.

Bill Murray was the first guest on both Late Night (which premiered Feb. 1, 1982) and Late Show (Aug. 30, 1993). He's appeared a total of 44 times on both shows combined.

Calvert DeForest was the first face to appear on both Late Night and Late Show (he was known as Larry "Bud" Melman during Letterman's NBC days). DeForest died March 19, 2007.

— The very first Top 10 List? "Things that almost rhyme with peas." (The list, from No. 10 to 1: heats, rice, moss, ties, needs, lens, ice, nurse, leaks and meats.) Speaking of the list, Letterman's fictional Top 10 Office has been located in 11 different cities. The first was Milwaukee, followed by Lebanon, Pa.; Lincoln, Neb.; Oklahoma City; Omaha, Neb.; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Tahlequah, Okla.; Oneonta, N.Y. (the last Late Night home office); Sioux City, Iowa (the first Late Show home office); Grand Rapids, Mich.; and the current city, Wahoo, Neb. Incidentally, Nebraska has hosted the most home offices, with a total of three.

— There have been a total of 126 "Stupid Pet Tricks" segments on Letterman’s late-night shows and 89 "Stupid Human Tricks" segments.

— Letterman's talk shows have received a total of 15 Emmy Awards and 112 nominations.

Late Show With David Letterman airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on CBS.