Watch George Clooney, David Letterman Visit In-N-Out in Netflix Talk Show Clip

David Letterman's talk shows may be synonymous with New York, but in a new clip for his latest gig with Netflix, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, he and guest George Clooney stop by a West Coast fast-food staple: In-N-Out.

Leaning on a car, the pair watch airplanes take off from a nearby airport while nibbling on fries at the beginning of a clip for the show's upcoming episode, which premieres Friday on the streaming platform. After noting that one plane taking off is an airbus, Letterman launches into a story: "My family and I were in Tokyo a year ago on a 767, a triple seven, it was a triple seven."

"That's a seven-seven-seven," Clooney jokes.

But before Letterman can finish the narrative, an In-N-Out employee hands the two chocolate milkshakes. When the employee introduces himself, Letterman skips naming himself and immediately introduces Clooney. "Mr. Clooney," he says, gesturing at his eminently recognizable companion.

Clooney expresses some excitement for the milkshakes, but once the employee leaves, Letterman jokes, "I notice you didn't dig down to give the guy a gratuity."