Watch James Corden and Sting's Goodbye Song to David Letterman: "It's Been an Honor Following You"

Corden thanked Letterman for creating the 12:30 a.m. time slot and for helping him to feel less lonely.

James Corden and Sting paid tribute to David Letterman in a very unique way.

Immediately following the end of Letterman's final Late Show on Wednesday, Corden's Late Late Show kicked off with a cold open featuring Corden and Sting performing a rendition of "Every Breath You Take."

The song started off promisingly with the legendary musician on guitar, but things got awkward as Corden tried to throw some freestyle rapping into the mix.

"I just thought I'd add some lyrics, to make it a bit more ghetto," reasoned Corden, to which Sting replied: "Do something, but make sure no one hears it."

Corden spoke about Letterman at the top of the show, telling a story about how Letterman's show made Corden feel less lonely when he would watch during his early days of trying to break into show business. "He made me feel like he was talking just to me," explained Corden.

He commended Letterman for achieving the "near-impossible task" of being a "respected broadcaster" but also a "groundbreaking" comedian.

"It's been an honor following you, and we will miss you," said Corden, additionally praising Letterman for pioneering the time slot that Corden currently occupies.

Corden also delivered a Top 10 list about Letterman, which can be seen below.

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