David Letterman Kisses Amy Poehler as Joe Biden Talk Sets the Mood (Video)

Amy Poehler David Letterman Kiss - H 2012

Amy Poehler David Letterman Kiss - H 2012

All that talk about kissing Joe Biden must have made David Letterman jealous.

The Late Show host had Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler on as a guest Tuesday night and was entertained by the story of her brief collaboration with the vice president, which aired last week. Poehler's character, hyper-excited civil servant Leslie Knope, is a massive fan of Biden's -- he is the lone occupant of her "celebrity sex list" -- and so during one of the last takes of their scene together, Poehler says she went in to plant a kiss on the veep.

An awkward transition and a misunderstanding later, Letterman was turning the tables and planting his own lips right on Poehler.