David Letterman Kisses Amy Poehler as Joe Biden Talk Sets the Mood (Video)

After discussing her experience filming a scene with the vice president, Poehler and Letterman had a brief yet magical moment live on air.

All that talk about kissing Joe Biden must have made David Letterman jealous.

The Late Show host had Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler on as a guest Tuesday night and was entertained by the story of her brief collaboration with the vice president, which aired last week. Poehler's character, hyper-excited civil servant Leslie Knope, is a massive fan of Biden's -- he is the lone occupant of her "celebrity sex list" -- and so during one of the last takes of their scene together, Poehler says she went in to plant a kiss on the veep.

An awkward transition and a misunderstanding later, Letterman was turning the tables and planting his own lips right on Poehler.