David Letterman Mocks Ann Curry-NBC Situation, Alludes to His Own Troubles (Video)

David Letterman Ann Curry Split - H 2012

David Letterman Ann Curry Split - H 2012

When there's strife at 30 Rock, you can bet David Letterman smells blood from his CBS studio ten blocks north in Manhattan.

The Ann Curry situation -- which was finally laid to rest on Thursday with the Today Show anchor announcing her departure -- provided a perfect target for the comedian. Recalling the Tonight Show issues with the network that saw him flee to CBS, Letterman poked fun at NBC's public fumbling of Curry's fate.

"There's been some trouble at the Today Show, I don't understand, I don't know the specific dynamic, I don't know what hte problem is," he said during his monologue. "But they're going to fire Ann Curry, get rid of her, push her out the door. But, she got a huge cash settlement. But I was thinking, when I got fired, when Paul and I got fired, all I got was a four pack of lightbulbs and the makeup on my face."

Letterman then speculated that Hoda Kotb (a Star Wars character, as he called her) would move from the show's 10 am hour, allowing Regis Philbin -- one of his favorite targets, whom he said once hunted vampires with Abraham Lincoln -- to re-team with Kathie Lee Gifford.

"NBC has been very coy about this, keeping their cards close to their chest. But you can tell, just by watching, that something's going on over there," he teased. "All of a sudden, it's very, very difficult."

Letterman then showed a re-cut video of Lauer stepping all over Curry; watch it below. The Curry talk starts at 1:40.