David Letterman Reveals Jay Leno Asked Him to Be One of His Final 'Tonight Show' Guests (Video)

Howard Stern needled Letterman and his producers about whether they invited the CBS host's longtime rival to be on one of his final 'Late Show' episodes.
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
David Letterman

It's looking unlikely that Jay Leno will be one of David Letterman's final guests. The CBS host's longtime rival wasn't listed as one of the stars set to appear on the final episodes of Letterman's Late Show, despite reports that Leno was invited.

On Monday's show, guest Howard Stern asked Letterman whether Leno was going to be Letterman's last guest. Stern, no fan of Leno's, admonished the audience for applauding at the prospect.

Letterman said that he would have to ask his producers, so Stern started talking to someone off camera, but the audience didn't see his or her reaction.

"Is that happening?" asked Stern. "It is not. Is it true that you guys put out the offer to Jay to do the show? It is?"

The camera finally cut to the producer when Stern asked whether "that creep," Leno, declined to appear on the show. The producer just looked away.

Letterman indicated that it was up to the producers whether or not to invite Leno on the show. But he also revealed that he was asked to be one of Leno's final guests.

"Jay asked me to be on when he was finishing his show, and I said, 'That's a lovely offer, but I think it should really be more about just Jay on his final week of shows.' So I declined," said the Late Show host. "I think he may feel the same way about this situation."

Stern, likely making his final appearance on the Letterman-hosted Late Show, also tried in vain to get Letterman to kiss him, chasing him around the set as Letterman squirmed away.