DC TV Watch: Burning Questions 'The Flash' Needs to Answer in Season 6

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Welcome back to The Hollywood Reporter's weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on the small screen. Every Saturday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and new series Batwoman. This week, let's take a look at all the burning questions that need answers next season on The Flash.

The Flash season six burning questions

Is Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) gone for good? | By choosing to defeat Cicada (Sarah Carter) instead of stopping Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), Team Flash destroyed the Cicada dagger and set Thawne free. That created a new timeline in the future, one in which Nora West-Allen did not exist. She disappeared right in front of her parents, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton), in an incredibly emotional and powerful scene in the season five finale. But is there a chance she can exist again in the future? The "timeline is malleable," as Team Flash learned this season. And it's hard to imagine that Barry and Iris won't have another child in the future, especially since there are so many Flash children from the comics to choose from. Could Kennedy return to The Flash playing a different version of Nora, or a different child entirely in the future?

How will the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths affect The Flash? | This one's a biggie. We already know that the upcoming crossover event is going to kill off Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) near the end of Arrow's run. But with The Flash finale advancing the timeline of when Barry "vanishes in a crisis" from 2024 to 2019, his fate is now on the line as well. In the comics, The Flash is one of two heroes to die during the Crisis. But there's no way The Flash is going to kill off Barry Allen. It's more likely that he'll actually disappear at some point in the first three episodes of the crossover (since it occurs in 2019). And while The Flash's disappearance was permanent in Nora's original timeline, that doesn't mean Barry won't ever return from the "crisis" now that the timeline has changed. In fact, he could return during the second chapter of the crossover airing in 2020, after that newspaper headline is printed. Seeing as how The Flash has a full season six, the star probably won't be written off entirely. And Oliver did trade his life for Barry's, so it wouldn't make sense for both heroes to disappear permanently even though Barry is one of the casualties in the Crisis comic book arc. Expect the Arrow-verse to make some changes from the source material in that regard. But how will those changes affect The Flash series moving forward, seeing as it's the show that uses the multiverse the most (and the Crisis arc effectively destroys the multiverse)? 

Will Eobard return? | The Flash's ultimate villain finally made his escape in the season finale, but not without striking a blow to Team Flash right where it hurt the most. He successfully manipulated them all into setting him free and it cost them Nora. Eobard promised to return, and that's a showdown that will be one for the ages now that he's taken both Barry's mother and daughter away from him. With Sherloque (also Cavanagh) leaving Earth-1 to be with his girlfriend, bringing Eobard back full-time is a way to keep the actor around for another season without creating an even more obnoxious and absurd doppelganger. 

What part will Cisco (Carlos Valdes) play on the team now that he's no longer a metahuman? | In the finale, Cisco decided he wanted to take the metahuman cure and live a normal life. He effectively gave up the superhero life and seemed to be at peace with his permanent decision. It was the kind of happy ending that most characters never get. He still has mind to be extraordinary, but will he stay off Team Flash for good? What does that mean for Valdes' role on the show? Will he exit the series or pop in and out for smaller appearances over time?

When is Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) going to meet his future wife? | In a throwaway moment in the finale, Ralph settled back into his P.I. job by taking on a new case. The last name on the file was "Deardon," and as comic book fans know that's the last name of his wife Sue Deardon, who plays a huge part of his story in the comics. Whether the show will go in this direction is unclear, but the Ralph/Sue story is extremely important in the source material for the character, so it's likely that Ralph is going to have a life-changing season next year romantically speaking. It couldn't have come at a better time, as he's truly a hero now and ready for real love. But how close will the show follow his comic book arc?

How many people know Barry's secret? | In one of the best moments of the season finale, Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) revealed that he's known that Barry is The Flash all this time. He played it nonchalant and it was an incredible moment of levity that then begged the question: Who else knows Barry's secret and hasn't said anything? Is this more of a worst-kept-secret situation at Barry's place of work than he realizes? With how many times he zooms out of the office to stop crime and save the day, probably!

What will Killer Frost's (Danielle Panabaker) new superhero uniform look like? | Before Cisco left Team Flash, he gifted Caitlin Snow a new outfit for her metahuman alter ego. But the camera stayed just out of frame on the new duds, so there's no telling what her new look is going to be. Will it be something ripped straight from the comics? Or is the show going to give Killer Frost a total modern makeover?

How will Joe's (Jesse L. Martin) new promotion affect Team Flash? | In a completely heartwarming moment, Joe got the promotion at work that he's deserved for a long time. He's now the Captain of the CCPD, meaning he has more power and responsibilities than ever before. But how will being Captain affect his role on Team Flash? Will he make things easier on the team or harder now that he has to abide by more red tape? 

Looking ahead

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Note: Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, ArrowThe Flash and Black Lightning will all return next season, along with new DC TV series Batwoman, all on The CW.