DC TV Watch: 'Supergirl' Continues to Impress, 'Legends' Kicks Off Major Crossover Event

Supergirl - Still - Chyler Leigh Floriana Lima - H - 2016
The CW

Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter's weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on TV. Every Friday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl and Fox's Gotham and what it all means.


Alex officially comes out: Once again, Supergirl proves that it is going to tell a responsible LGBTQ story with Kara's (Melissa Benoist) sister Alex (Chyler Leigh). Although Alex was motivated to come out to her sister in this week's episode because her crush Maggie (Floriana Lima) told her they couldn't have a relationship if she was in the closet, they didn't immediately get together once she did. In fact, after Alex came out to Kara, she excitedly went in for a kiss with Maggie. But she immediately got rejected when Maggie told Alex that she needed to explore her new sexual identity on her own to figure out who she is without being immediately tied down in a relationship. Maggie let her down easy, explaining that Alex wasn't in a place where a relationship with her would ultimately work out since everything in this world is so new for Alex. So while "Sanvers" isn't happening now, don't count it out in the future. It's a mature outlook from Maggie, and while it's heartbreaking for Alex at the moment, eventually she'll see that it was the right call. If/when Alex and Maggie get together down the line, they'll both be better for it. Alex deserves a story that focuses on her own journey, independent from a love story.

Kara's not-so-super reaction: And we need to take a moment to applaud how Supergirl handled Alex coming out to Kara, because that scene was beautiful in the way that it was flawed. Kara did not react perfectly to Alex's confession. In fact, she pretty much reacted in the worst way possible. Instead of being happy and accepting of her sister's announcement, she was more confused than anything, asking questions like, "Are you sure?" How Kara reacted initially caused Alex to wonder if her sister doesn't accept her now, but when they were both able to talk again (after saving National City from an alien parasite), Kara was able to articulate her feelings better. She felt as if she failed Alex because growing up, their family was so focused on keeping her alien secret that Alex wasn't able to reveal her own. She didn't help create an environment where Alex was able to explore her own feelings. This scene was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, seeing these sisters truly open up with each other in a way they haven't been able to before. Plus, it showed that coming out to family can be beautiful and hopeful, while also not being perfect. It doesn't matter if you're Supergirl or a normal person – you can still mess up, but as long as you're there for the people in your life, things can and will get better. And after Alex's rejection from Maggie, she was able to find comfort in Kara's arms, proving that these sisters are bonded stronger than ever.

Guardian's debut: After pushing Winn (Jeremy Jordan) too far to make his Guardian suit too early and getting told off for it (go Winn!), James (Mehcad Brooks) finally made his debut as the vigilante Guardian. He helped Mon-El (Chris Wood) and Supergirl defeat a giant alien parasite, and since his suit was made of lead, Supergirl couldn't see through it, keeping his identity a secret from his ex. But given the fact that James has no superpowers, Winn has a point: Going out on the streets as a vigilante without any powers and before he is ready could lead him to an early grave. Winn as the harsh and tough-love voice of reason was so compelling to watch, giving his character new layers, and hopefully the show allows him to talk some more sense into James. He works better by using his brain to fight than his fists. He never felt the need to suit up while working with Superman, so why does he feel the need to become a superhero now that he's working with Supergirl?


Babs and Tabs: The unlikely pairing of Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) and Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas) will get turned up a notch in the next episode when Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) kidnaps Tabitha and Butch (Drew Powell), believing them to be behind the murder of his girlfriend. After her BFF/partner-in-crime/sometimes-lover disappears, Babs immediately goes on the warpath to rescue her, which means the show is finally going to focus on Babs and Tabs. These two bisexual Sirens have quickly become the best part of Gotham, so it's high time that they get a central storyline dedicated to them.

The Flash

Another speedster: After believing that they had all bested Doctor Alchemy, Barry (Grant Gustin), Joe (Jesse L. Martin) the SCPD and STAR Labs team were all thrown for a loop when the powerful, ultra-fast, metallic-suited Savitar sped onto the scene. He easily defeated everyone in the blink of an eye, freed Alchemy and caught Barry, claiming himself to be the "god of speed." The episode ended with Barry about to be sliced open by Savitar in the abandoned subway station, with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) in transition getting his Kid Flash powers. While everyone initially believed Alchemy to be the big bad, it's actually Savitar who will be the most formidable opponent they've faced yet. In the comics, Savitar believed his powers were a divine gift, and, described as a "vicious and cruel man," he became obsessed with them. He dedicated his life to studying velocity and pushing himself, discovering many new powers that no other speedster ever had been able to accomplish. He could lend speed to other objects and people, heal himself instantly and even protect himself with a force field, and the one thing he always craved was more access to the Speed Force.

Ticking time bomb: But perhaps the STAR Labs team has an even bigger problem brewing in one of their own. After Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) realized her metahuman powers couldn't be cured, she finally confessed that she was a metahuman to Cisco (Carlos Valdes). He vibed her to see if she would become the villain Killer Frost like her Earth-2 counterpart, and unfortunately he saw her as Killer Frost fighting him as Vibe in the future. But seeing as how Cisco's vibe about Earth-2 getting destroyed in the season two finale didn't come true, there's still a chance that Caitlin can use her powers for good and not become the villain she believes she's destined to be.


Talia al Ghul: While Arrow announced that iconic DC Comics character Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig) would be appearing on the show this season, little is known about how she'll be introduced, or even when. "Talia, we learn about her before we meet her," Stephen Amell says. "And she is, I think, our gateway to really accelerating the flashback storyline." Does that mean she'll show up in the flashbacks only, or will she also appear in present-day?

Team Arrow's mole: The biggest twist from this week's episode had to do with new Team Arrow recruit Evelyn, aka Artemis (Madison McLaughlin). After questioning Oliver's (Amell) strict judgment of Vigilante killing criminals all episode long (since that's what Oliver did the first few years as the Hood and the Arrow), her own disagreement with Oliver's orders may have turned her to the dark side. The final scene of "Vigilante" showed Artemis sneaking away from Team Arrow to meet big bad Prometheus on a rooftop, declaring that no one suspected or followed her. Is she secretly working with Prometheus against Team Arrow? Do our heroes have a mole in their midst? This is a story that hasn't been explored on Arrow yet, so it could be an intriguing and compelling new direction for the show.

Legends of Tomorrow

Heatwave and Vixen: Could there be something more than friendship brewing between Mick (Dominic Purcell) and Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers)? While helping Mick tame the "wild animal" inside of him, there seemed to be sparks flying between this unlikely duo. "It's going to develop a lot and it's not going to be easy for them," says Richardson-Sellers. "She struggles a lot with the fact that he's a criminal on a base level. She's a superhero and she can't see him in the same light. But he also teaches her a lot about just relaxing and you don't have to be perfect, you can be a flawed superhero. As that friendship develops, who knows where it will go? They spend quite a lot of time together."

The crossover begins: While the four-part Berlanti-verse crossover doesn't begin until Nov. 28, the story kicked off at the very end of Thursday's episode of Legends. While Ray (Brandon Routh) was unveiling the super suit he designed for Nate (Nick Zano), Sara (Caity Lotz) interrupted their "bro" time to announce that their friends in 2016 needed their help. Let the mega-crossover event begin!

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