DC TV Watch: 8 Burning Questions for 'Legends of Tomorrow's' 2018 Return

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S03E09 Still - Publicity - H 2017
Bettina Strauss/The CW

Welcome back to The Hollywood Reporter's weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on TV. Every Friday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning and Fox's Gotham. This week, we're asking all the burning questions left over from Legends of Tomorrow's midseason finale, "Beebo the God of War," that need answers in anticipation of its Feb. 12 return.

Legends of Tomorrow

1. Is Jax really gone for good?

Following the onscreen death of Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber) in the four-show "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover, the Legends lost yet another team member. Jax (Franz Drameh), aka the remaining half of Firestorm, decided to use Stein's death and sacrifice as an inspiration to live his life to the fullest. He left with a smile on his face and on good terms with the other Legends. It was a happy ending most characters don't get on these superhero shows. But does this mean his exit is permanent? Could he return, or has Jax moved on to greener pastures?

2. Will the Legends gain any new team members now that Jax and Stein are gone?

With two empty bunks on the Waverider, the time is ripe for some new blood on the Legends team. The fourth Arrow-verse series has become known for its revolving door of series regulars. Will they find a replacement Firestorm or will other classic DC Comics characters get the small-screen live-action treatment?

3. Why are the anachronisms so personal to all of the Legends?

Every week, as the Legends try and fix all the anachronisms in time, they keep coming into contact with very personal issues. Whether it's a younger version of themselves or their parents, it's happening too often to just be a coincidence. Why are the Legends getting targeted with the anachronisms? How are they going to fix this problem? 

4. Who is Mallus?

What seemed like a scary but fictional threat from Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) has become all too real for Sara (Caity Lotz). The mysterious but ominous Mallus somehow transported the captain to a dark dimension in the midseason finale and whispered her name. Who is this dark force? What does he want with Sara? If he can teleport her to a different dimension, how can the Legends even dream about stopping him?

5. How will Constantine shake up the Waverider?

In the final shot of the midseason finale, John Constantine (Matt Ryan) stowed away on the Waverider and confronted Sara. He told her he needed her help with a demon, and that demon knew her name. Is he talking about Mallus, or is this something entirely separate from what the Legends are currently dealing with? How will Constantine mesh with the other Legends? Can he become a permanent fixture on the Waverider? Please?

6. How long will Leo stick around with the Legends?

One of the best characters in the Arrow-verse debuted in the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover: Captain Cold's Earth-X doppelganger, Leo (Wentworth Miller). The out and proud, loving, snarky and emotional hero has been such a delight so far. He's full of compassion and feels things with all of his heart, which is a rarity on brooding superhero shows. His attempts to get Mick (Dominic Purcell) to open up were especially thrilling, and now that the two have come to a better understanding of their friendship it would be a shame to see Leo go. Miller revealed on Instagram that he's filmed his final episodes on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, so it's clear that he's only a temporary team member. But just how long will he be on the Waverider before exiting the Arrow-verse for good? 

7. How long will Rip remain in prison? 

It was revealed in the midseason finale that the former captain of the Waverider is currently sitting in prison and the Time Bureau is a total mess as a result. But now that Mallus has revealed himself to Sara, the Legends are going to need his help in figuring out just who and what this threat is. Will they have to break Rip out of prison, or will the Time Bureau release him? How will his time locked up have changed him?

8. Can Leo give therapy sessions every single week from here on out?

Watching the emotionally mature Earth-X doppelganger attempt to use puppets to give therapy to all his new teammates was a true highlight of the series. More of this please!

Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox. Supergirl airs Mondays, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow air Tuesdays, Arrow airs Thursdays and Black Lightning will premiere Tuesday, Jan. 16, all on The CW.