DC TV Watch: Burning Questions 'Supergirl' Needs to Answer in Season 5

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Welcome back to The Hollywood Reporter's weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on the small screen. Every Saturday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning and new series Batwoman. This week, let's take a look at all the burning questions that need answers next season on Supergirl.

How closely will Supergirl follow the comics for new villain Leviathan? | In a shocking move, the Supergirl season-four finale revealed the season-five big bad with a mysterious scene at the very end of the episode. Eve Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks) was approached by a what looked like a hive-mind entity called Leviathan while trying to go on the run after Lex Luthor's (Jon Cryer) death. Turns out that Eve was only pretending to work/be in love with Lex while actually working for this mysterious organization. An old lady, speaking for Leviathan, told Eve, "Leviathan is everywhere. Leviathan is everyone. And Leviathan is coming."

Comic book readers who have been following author Brian Michael Bendis' run in the Superman series Action Comics, leading up to the six-part Event Leviathan series beginning this month, know that this is the current issue that Superman himself is facing in the source material. Does that mean Tyler Hoechlin will return as Clark Kent next season to help deal with the mysterious (and formidable) threat? And with Green Arrow and Batman teaming up with Superman in the comics, does that mean this threat will extend to the other Arrow-verse series as well? Or is Supergirl going to put its own spin on the comic book storyline and have Kara (Melissa Benoist) face Leviathan on her own?

Is Leviathan potentially a misdirect? | The stinger scene at the end of the season finale sure made it seem like Leviathan is the big bad for Supergirl next season. But ... what if it's actually not? Could the Leviathan reveal be something that Kara and Co. believe is the major threat, only to learn that the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover storyline is the real issue to face? With Arrow focusing all 10 episodes of its last season on the Crisis, it might not be the only Arrow-verse series to do so.

How will the Crisis crossover affect Supergirl? | It may be starting to sound repetitive, but this is the massive question hanging over every single Arrow-verse series right now. In the comics, Supergirl is one of the two major casualties of the fight to save the multiverse. Since Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) traded his life for hers (and Barry Allen's [Grant Gustin]) during the Elseworlds crossover, and The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) has come to collect, how will that affect her going forward? How will she react when she finds out someone traded their life for hers? And with the inevitable destruction of the multiverse, how will Supergirl's Earth be combined with Earth-1?

What happened to Lex Luthor? | Sure, the egomaniacal villain was killed in the season-four finale. But with The Monitor appearing where Lex's cold, dead body was left, it's clear that Lex's journey isn't over yet. It almost looked like The Monitor was trying to bring Lex back from the dead. Or he could have been opening up a portal to bring Lex's body ... somewhere. Maybe Lex has a bigger role to play in the upcoming Crisis crossover and couldn't be taken off the board just yet? No matter what happens, more Lex is always a good thing. Cryer's addition to Supergirl this past season was the very best of the series so far, and it would be a shame to lose him after only a few episodes.

Why did The Monitor bring that Martian to National City? | The Monitor sure was busy in the finale. He also showed up in another scene in which he brought a green martian who's been imprisoned for "far too long" as a "phantom to his people" to Earth. The martian vowed revenge against the "brother" who wronged him: J'onn J'onzz (David Harewood). Could this be another Crisis arc, or simply J'onn's upcoming season five challenge? Who is this brother, and what happened between him and J'onn? What does he have planned for J'onn and why is The Monitor involved?

Will Lena go dark and embrace her Luthor name? | The moment fans had been waiting for finally came in the season-four finale, but not in the way anyone wanted. Lena (Katie McGrath) found out the truth about Kara's secret identity as Supergirl, but not from Kara herself. Before Lena shot and killed Lex, he taunted her with the knowledge that Kara (and everyone else) had been lying to Lena for years about Supergirl's identity. The fact that she pretended like everything was fine and normal at game night with Kara and all their friends later while smashing a photo of her in private was not a good sign. Could Lena turn dark in season five as a result of Kara not trusting her with her secret sooner, especially after she shot and killed Lex in cold blood? What is she planning? Why did she not confront Kara as soon as she saw her? Is there any hope for redemption for their friendship or is this the final nail in the coffin?

Looking ahead

Next week, we're looking at all the burning questions that Legends of Tomorrow needs to answer next season.

Note: Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, ArrowThe Flash and Black Lightning will all return next season, along with new DC TV series Batwoman, all on The CW.