Deadpool Crashes Colbert's 'Late Show' Monologue

Stephen Colbert had an unexpected guest interrupt his monologue on Tuesday's Late Show as Ryan Reynolds dropped by in character as Deadpool.

While speaking about the number of superhero films that have hit theaters already this year, Colbert asked, “At what point will audiences say enough with the superheroes?”

“Is it Deadpool 2? I bet it’s Deadpool 2,” said Reynolds as he entered from offstage, in costume as the Merc With a Mouth.

Reynolds took the opportunity to plug his new film, but not before telling the audience to stay seated. "Please guys, no one stand up," Reynolds said. "This is CBS, I know how old your audience is."

The network wasn't the only thing that Reynolds poked fun at as he also made quips about the night's first guest, Jamie Foxx ("I for one loved his work in Back to the Future"), himself ("I’ll tell you who should not be on your show: Ryan Reynolds. Huge asshole.") and late-night hosts, in general.

When Reynolds announced he would take over the rest of the monologue for Colbert, the Late Show host responded with indignation. "In our own way, us late-night hosts are basically superheroes," Colbert said, to which Reynolds responded, "Because you’re all mostly white men?"

The superhero then tried his hand at telling a number of Donald Trump jokes before fading away and cursing Infinity War's Thanos and the network's CG budget.