Fake Delta Passenger Prank Calls MSNBC on Air

Delta Flight La Guardia - H 2015
AP Images

Delta Flight La Guardia - H 2015

MSNBC fell victim to a crude prank call on Thursday.

A man claiming to be New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell, who was a passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight that skidded off the runway, told the network's Andrea Mitchell that he was "fine" but that the event had been "scary."

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Asked where in the plane he was sitting, the man responded: "I was sitting in the f—k her in the pussy."

The network aired the comments uncensored, and the man's call was immediately disconnected. Mitchell did not realize it was a prank and attempted to continue the interview, until her colleague Tom Costello interjected.

“I think we were being had,” Costello said. “I don’t think that was a legitimate witness, based on what he said on the air, he uttered some — some profanities.”

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Mitchell apologized to viewers for the incident.

Delta Flight 1086 slid off the runway in New York's LaGuardia Airport during Thursday's snowstorm. The flight held 127 passengers and five crew members, and the airport was temporarily closed following the incident. Twenty-four people received non-life-threatening injuries.