Denise Richards on 'Piers Morgan Tonight': 'I've Never Been a Hooker' (Video)

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife jokes, “If anyone would know, it would be Charlie.”
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While making the media rounds to promote her new memoir, The Real Girl Next Door, Denise Richards has been clearing up rumors on her complicated life.

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In an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Richards and Piers Morgan share a laugh about some of the outrageous rumors told about the former Bond girl.
When asked about the most hurtful rumor she’s ever fallen victim to, Richards responded, “This isn’t that hurtful but it’s weird -- I used to be a hooker. I used to be a Heidi Fleiss girl.”

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“If anyone would know it would be Charlie,” she added in a light-hearted jab at her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. “Honest to God. And he will say,  ‘She was not, I would know.’”

"I've never been a hooker," she clarified.
After a few more chuckles in reference to Sheen’s affinity for prostitutes, Morgan made note of Richards’ sense of humor. “You gotta,” she explained. “Otherwise, why be miserable and pissy about everything?”

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Earlier this week, Richards appeared on the Today show and admitted to discussing addiction with her young daughters in the wake of Sheen’s recent media circus.
See video of her interview with Morgan below. The Real Girl Next Door hit shelves on July 26th.

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