Dennis Miller Ribs Jay Leno for Going Easy on President Obama (Video)

Dennis Miller and Jay Leno on Tonight Show - H 2011

Conservatives have been beating up on Jay Leno ever since he conducted what they perceived as a softball interview of President Obama three weeks ago. If Leno wasn’t aware of it, he probably is after Monday night’s show with comedian/radio talk-show host Dennis Miller.

Miller wasted no time broaching the subject by laying into Leno, in a good-natured way, the moment he sat down as a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

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“This is exciting. Is this the seat the president sits in?” Miller asked. “You guys have quite a bromance there.”

The audience got into the bit quickly, and Miller was off to the races.

“I’ve even come up with one of those celebrity nicknames for you two: JayLoBama,” Miller told Leno. “I think if his sechedule ever opens up, say Jan. 21, 2013, he should become your Ed McMahon.” [Watch the interview below.]

“I sense some sarcasm in your tone,” Leno says over applause for Miller.

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Leno kept with the political theme for most of the conversation, asking Miller if he thought Obama would be re-elected. Not if unemployment remains high, Miller said.

“I think if it’s 9 percent he’s gonna get his ass handed to him like somebody who just got outpatient lyposuction surgery, quite frankly,” says Miller.

During the second segment [also below], Miller rescinded his endorsement of Herman Cain for Republican nominee for president.

“They asked him a question about Libya and he appeared to have a mini stroke,” Miller joked, before Leno completely cracked up his guest.

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“He said, ‘What part of a woman is that? I never touched her there,’” said Leno.

“I had to move on from Herman,” Miller said after composing himself.

Before leaving, Miller also took a shot at the now-national Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I drove through the Occupy Beverly Hills thing on the way over here and it’s absolutely brutal. A lot of kids sleeping outside in pre-owned 328i’s with factory rims. You really hate to see it.”