Dennis Miller Ribs Jay Leno for Going Easy on President Obama (Video)

On "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," the radio talk-show host also rescinds his endorsement of Herman Cain and jokes about Occupy Wall Street.

Conservatives have been beating up on Jay Leno ever since he conducted what they perceived as a softball interview of President Obama three weeks ago. If Leno wasn’t aware of it, he probably is after Monday night’s show with comedian/radio talk-show host Dennis Miller.

Miller wasted no time broaching the subject by laying into Leno, in a good-natured way, the moment he sat down as a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

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“This is exciting. Is this the seat the president sits in?” Miller asked. “You guys have quite a bromance there.”

The audience got into the bit quickly, and Miller was off to the races.

“I’ve even come up with one of those celebrity nicknames for you two: JayLoBama,” Miller told Leno. “I think if his sechedule ever opens up, say Jan. 21, 2013, he should become your Ed McMahon.” [Watch the interview below.]

“I sense some sarcasm in your tone,” Leno says over applause for Miller.

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Leno kept with the political theme for most of the conversation, asking Miller if he thought Obama would be re-elected. Not if unemployment remains high, Miller said.

“I think if it’s 9 percent he’s gonna get his ass handed to him like somebody who just got outpatient lyposuction surgery, quite frankly,” says Miller.

During the second segment [also below], Miller rescinded his endorsement of Herman Cain for Republican nominee for president.

“They asked him a question about Libya and he appeared to have a mini stroke,” Miller joked, before Leno completely cracked up his guest.

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“He said, ‘What part of a woman is that? I never touched her there,’” said Leno.

“I had to move on from Herman,” Miller said after composing himself.

Before leaving, Miller also took a shot at the now-national Occupy Wall Street movement.

“I drove through the Occupy Beverly Hills thing on the way over here and it’s absolutely brutal. A lot of kids sleeping outside in pre-owned 328i’s with factory rims. You really hate to see it.”