Dennis Rodman Imparts More Foreign Policy Wisdom on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

Dennis Rodman, unofficial celebrity ambassador to the world?

The Worm, apparently still basking in attention for his buzzy, bizarre trip to North Korea, continued to describe the experience with Kim Jong-un in an appearance on Tuesday's edition of The Tonight Show

"I was actually shocked that he's actually nice," Rodman said of the elusive and oppressive North Korean dictator, his new friend and an "awesome kid." Of Kim's headquarters, he added: "It's not even a palace, it's more like a fortress. It's just insane."

VIDEO: Dennis Rodman Tells President Obama to 'Call' Kim Jong-un

When Jay Leno asked about the severe poverty facing the country's citizens, the Celebrity Apprentice star replied: "It's pretty much like any other country. We got the same thing here."

Footage from Rodman's "basketball diplomacy" tour is part of a TV show Vice Media is producing that will air on HBO next month.

Last week Rodman made an equally stunt-y excursion to Rome, where the ex-NBA bad boy was photographed riding in a faux Popemobile, He had been stumping for Peter Turkson, a cardinal from Ghana, to win the papacy.

Rodman -- sporting a signature flamboyant combination of track pants, Lacoste shirt and fur-lined coat on Leno's couch -- babbled somewhat incoherently while talking about his Italian journey. He claimed he "almost" met the Pope but was cagey on the details.