TCA: 'Desperate Housewives' 10 Best Moments, Confessions, and Reflections

TCA Desperate Housewives Panel Wide Shot - H 2012
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TCA Desperate Housewives Panel Wide Shot - H 2012

The executive producers and cast for ABC’s long-running dramedy, Desperate Housewives, appeared for what would be their last TCA TV press tour Tuesday in Pasadena. It was during the last TCA press tour held in the summer when ABC announced that this season would be their last.

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So, several years after the network first presented the series that would later become a breakaway hit, the cast returned to face reporters and revealed their best moments, confessions, and reflections from the past eight seasons.Here are 10 highlights from the session. 

1. Felicity Huffman’s last request for Lynette? She jokes that she wants to ride a horse while holding a gun. Creator and executive producer Marc Cherry responded, “As you can see, this isn’t the most creative method” for story planning.

2. Vanessa Williams’ best memory? As the newest housewife, Williams says she’s thankful that the fans accepted her as quickly as they did. As far as her greatest memory? The time she and the rest of the cast watched on as their set dresser got engaged.

3. Cherry will be pulling a Hitchcock. Apparently, one of the reporters remembered that Cherry promised he’d do a cameo in the series during the show's first TCA session. Cherry says he’ll make good on that promise. “The hair and makeup people will go through more hell that day than they’ve ever had,” he says.

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4. Ricardo Chavira’s biggest surprise of the show? Without missing a beat, he says, “That [Carlos and Gaby] are still together.”

5. Gaby and Carlos were inspired by a Golden Girl. Cherry says that he got the idea for the couple’s selfish attitudes from his days as a writer on Golden GirlsRue McClanahan was able to get away with so much as self-obsessed Blanche and he decided that they could, too. “And the more self-centered they became, the funnier they became. They brought comedy layers to this couple that I never envisioned,” he says.

6. Help from above. Bree’s (Marcia Cross) threatening note echoing back to the one Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) received in Season 1 was a note from ABC chief Paul Lee.

7. The actors know nothing about their stories in advance. “I don’t trust any of them,” Cherry admits.

8. Cherry’s biggest surprise of the series? The fans accepted Lynette and Tom’s (Doug Savant) breakup. “I didn’t think we would ever be able to split Tom and Lynette up,” Cherry says. “Everyone else had gone through so much, the writers were just like ‘Let’s rip them apart’ ”

9. Huffman on how difficult playing the breakup was for her. “We actually started fighting off-screen,” she shares. “It was interesting, because it’s new and the gloves are off for the writers.”

10. No movie, no way. Cherry says that the series isn’t like Sex and the City -- which still had ground to cover with its characters. “I’m just never sending these gals to Dubai. I think we’re done.”

Desperate Housewives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC

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