'Desperate Housewives': Bree Tries to Stop History From Repeating Itself

The housewife investigates the mysterious letter and discovers she may be sleeping with the enemy.

The threat of history repeating itself was an underlying theme on Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives, “Making the Connection.”

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Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) made a a rare on-screen appearance to not only emphasize how the words of Bree’s (Marcia Cross) threatening letter from last episode echoed hers, but how their predicaments were very similar, as well. Mary Alice did something she felt extreme guilt over. After the letter arrived, she didn’t feel she could tell anyone. In her despair and loneliness, she killed herself.

Bree may have been driven down the same road if it were not for the advice of Mary Alice’s husband, Paul Young (Mark Moses). She went to visit him to see if he had somehow sent her the note and then to recount all the people who may have also known what the original note had said. While at first he was insulted that Bree felt he sent the letter, Paul warned her not to make the same decision that Mary Alice had made in not confiding in her friends.

In the end, Bree decided to tell Gaby (Eva Longoria). Of course, Gaby didn’t appreciate that, because she’d rather not know. But, that’s Gaby. She also reminded Bree that she needed to drop her police detective boyfriend, Chuck (Jonathan Cake), who she feels is a totally liability. Bree doesn’t want to, but it seems as if she knows it’s for the best.

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Once at home, Chuck makes breaking up with him difficult when he greets her in just a towel. But, it seems that Bree has made up her mind. That is until Paul calls her with the memory that he told the cops about Mary Alice’s letter and the detective on the case was Chuck.

That begs the question: Does Chuck know something about the cover up and did he plant the note to smoke Bree out? I’m going to say this is an early red herring and he has nothing to do with it. What say you?

In other news:

Susan and Carlos bond over their mutual guilt. Susan (Teri Hatcher) found a way to get a bit of the punishment she believes she deserves from covering up the murder. She began purposely getting caught breaking rules. Meanwhile, Gaby (Eva Longoria) discovers that Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) is having difficulties in the sex department and she hires a stripper to get his engine revving. That, surprise, backfires. But, another woman may have been what he needed. Susan hits rock bottom after getting arrested for assaulting a motorcycle cop – well, actually just his motorcycle. Afraid to tell Mike (James Denton), she calls Carlos to bail her out and they discover that their guilt connects them.

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Renee finally gets Ben’s attention. Renee (Vanessa Williams) finds out from Mike that Ben is an active supporter of the elderly. She tries to portray herself as the same in order to get his attention. It works and he asks her out. Problem is, he saw right through her game and brings her to a senior center to dish out the night’s meal. Later, Renee gets real about why she’s so averse to doing charity. It brings up painful memories from her childhood when her family had to accept it themselves. Ben understands, because he lived through very similar experiences.

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