'Dexter' Preview: Renewed, Recharged, Refocused (Video)

Dexter - Season 5 - TV Still
Randy Tepper/Showtime

In Season 5 of Showtime's Dexter, we may have seen the relative softer side of the killer played by Michael C. Hall.

He was dealing with the guilt of not being able to stop his wife’s death. He also made an alliance with Lumen (Julia Stiles) to find her attackers -- all the while falling for her. So in Season 6, fans have been wondering what version of Dexter we'll get next.

It looks like the killer instinct is back. Showtime’s new promo lets fans look into the killer’s eyes while he tells us himself that he’s “renewed, recharged, and refocused” when the series returns in the fall.

Watch the video below.