Diane Keaton Appearance on 'Colbert Report' Gets Awkward (Video)

Stephen Colbert Diane Keaton Screengrab - H 2012
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Stephen Colbert Diane Keaton Screengrab - H 2012

Let's get a few things straight: Diane Keaton will never vote for Stephen Colbert for President, and she doesn't want to see his naked behind, either.

Yeah, it was that kind of interview.

The actress appeared on The Colbert Report on Monday night to promote the paperback release of her memoir, but ended up speaking about anything but the book.

From the start, things got weird: Keaton asked Colbert if he was still running for President -- and pledged not to vote for him -- then asked why he wasn't at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. When he explained that he hadn't been invited since his 2006 roasting of George W. Bush, that somehow led to Keaton assuming it was because he delivered his speech in the nude. (Which, of course, he didn't.)

Some psychoanalysis and accusations of sexual harrassment later, Keaton still refused to speak about the very thing she was there to pitch. But perhaps it worked, anyway: If her book is anywhere close to as entertaining as the Colbert appearance, it should be a good read.

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