Discovery Channel Investigates the Mystery of the 'Mega Berg' (Exclusive)

Discovery Channel Mega Berg - H 2015
Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel’s latest special goes into the frozen Arctic with a documentary on icebergs.

The network is set to air Mega Berg, a co-production with BBC, from 9-10:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 27.

The special will follow a team of adventurers and scientists as they seek to capture the creation, life and death of these mega bergs, or a colossal block of ice that bursts forth from a glacier to form an enormous iceberg, with some reaching half the size of Manhattan and weighing multimillion tons.

In order to study these icebergs, the team’s expedition will go into the world’s most extreme and unpredictable climates. One phenomena they study is the Petermann Iceberg, a massive tabular iceberg located 31 miles from the Canadian coast. Their objective is to understand the forces that gradually cause an iceberg to break down.

The Arctic ecosystem is also home to the world’s largest land predator, the polar bear, which is just one more hurdle the team will have to confront. 

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Viewers will get a chance to see what exists below sea level thanks to naturalist Chris Packham’s special scanning equipment, while oceanographer Helen Czerski and diver Andy Torbet will explore the inside of the glacier itself.

Mega Berg is a Discovery Channel/BBC co-production. Mark Hedgecoe serves as executive producer for the BBC and Andrew Thompson is the series producer with Matt Barrett and Louise Ferguson as producers.