Discovery Channel Orders Off-the-Grid Survival Show 'Book of Hines' (Exclusive)

In the forthcoming TV series, a former intelligence officer decides to move his family far from the rest of society.
Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has ordered a new reality TV series tentatively titled Book of Hines, which centers on one family's attempt to live beyond the reach of modern society.  

Book of Hines follows former intelligence officer Brett Hines, whose distrust of the modern way of life and the dangers associated with it inspires him to move his family off-the-grid. To get by in the outdoors, he uses the survival skills he learned in the military, but he often defers to his family for support.

Wendy, his wife, keeps their homestead in tact; his oldest son, Michael, is the "outdoors specialist"; his younger son, Nathan, is the mechanic, forging tools and weapons when needed; and his oldest daughter, Sarah, living on the homestead with her husband Drew, organizes and delegates household tasks.

Other family members include Joshua, who keeps the peace in the house, as well as the three youngest children: Ariel, Evelyn and Daniel, who are trying to navigate the new living situation.

With their lifestyle experiment now two years in, the show, which includes self-shot footage, finds the Hines family at their breaking point: Should they stick to living outside of society, or should they give up the grand plan?

Produced for Discovery Channel by This Is Just a Test (I Am Jazz), Book of Hines is executive produced by Colin Miller and Aengus James for This Is Just a Test and John Slaughter and Jessica Mollo for Discovery.

Book of Hines will be the newest addition to Discovery Channel's lineup of unscripted TV that includes Naked and Afraid and Gold Rush. The network, also known for its annual, long-running Shark Week, has over the last few decades invested in a slate of nonfiction programming that now reaches 100.8 million U.S. homes and 224 countries and territories.