Discovery Channel's 'Yukon Men' Face Struggle to Gather Food in Season Finale (Exclusive Video)

The residents of frozen Alaskan village Tanana have a dangerous, timely task ahead of them in the season finale of Yukon Men.

The Discovery Channel series centers on the villagers of the town -- located just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, where temperatures can drop up to 50 below -- where the men must hunt and trap to survive.

In Friday night's episode of the Discovery Channel series, the villagers have only 18 hours to get a year's worth of king salmon. Joey and Bob find themselves in the midst of a dangerous hunt, while Courtney takes it upon herself to help feed her family, and vicious grizzlies are stealing food.

Meanwhile, in this clip from the finale, which is exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, James explains the need for a large supply of fish to help feed his family, his dogs and about 30 new puppies.

"These pups came at the worst time," he says. "We're gonna need a lot of extra fish this year to feed those pups. If the salmon don't come through in good numbers, we're gonna definitely struggle."

So his son, Francis, sets out on the dangerous task of hunting down a black bear -- which could feed everyone for up to two weeks.

Yukon Men airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.