Better Than Penguin Cam? Watch 'Frozen Planet's' Most Awkward Sea Lion (Exclusive Video)

Discovery Channel has already delivered the seemingly best promo for its upcoming Frozen Planet with its 24-hour Penguin Cam, but there's still more cuteness to see.

In a clip from its upcoming nature documentary series exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, the penguins' winning streak continues as what could only be described as the world's most awkward sea lion gives chase to a very smart Gentoo.

"It's hard to say which of these two champion swimmers is less suited for a foot race," narrator Alec Baldwin says of the amusing pursuit. "But the hunter is gaining and it's curtains for the Gentoo -- or is it?"

"With penguins there's no such thing as a sure thing -- and it's always better to eat than to be eaten," he says of the outcome.

The seven-part series, from the makers of Planet Earth and Life, premieres March 18 with "The Ends of the Earth." The BBC co-production is described as the ultimate portrait of Earth's polar regions.

Check out the clip above before going back to Discovery's Penguin Cam.

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