Discovery Greenlights Program About Mechanics Who Build 'Rat Rod' Cars From Scraps (Exclusive)

Discovery Channel is heading down Rebel Road.

The network has greenlighted a special set in the back roads of Appalachia that centers on "mechanical savants" who take old abandoned car bodies and "mash them with parts off of anything and everything to make what is known as a rat rod."

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The special will focus on four teams who have three weeks to build a car, which they will enter into a  competition for a cash prize. The special is set to air at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Monday, April 28.

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The rat rod movement emerged after World War II when prewar cars were salvaged from junkyards for a couple of dollars and modified to be street ready – far from the flashy and expensive hot rods we see at car shows today. But deep in Appalachia they still like their rides with a little rust. JR Drake, Ricky Bobby, Rooster McGee andGreg Porter will fish old Model Ts out of creeks, wander on to private property and chop up modern day minivans in order to build the most outlaw rides possible. Their teams work without sleep till their wits end, risking life and fortune, all in the hopes of winning the first rumble and becoming the top dog on legendary Rebel Road.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek above.