Discovery Sets 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Return (Exclusive)

Discovery Channel has set a date for the season-three premiere of Alaska: The Last Frontier.

The series, which centers on singer Jewel's family, will return at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Sunday, Oct. 6.

Season three finds the Kilchers having survived another dark, frigid Alaskan winter; they now must take full advantage of the nice weather to immediately start restocking the food supply for themselves and their livestock and tackle necessary projects that will ensure their survival in the cold winter weather. This means using every bit of sunlight --- up to 22 hours in the summer --- to get their work accomplished. 

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Living off the grid without running water, they must hunt, gather, garden and raise livestock in order to provide enough food to ensure their family's survival. This year, the family has to conquer glacial rivers, face life and death on and off the homestead, fight against menacing predators, find new sources of food supplies, such as octopus, as they also get some exciting family news that brings the Kilchers even closer together and continues their family’s heritage.

Alaska: The Last Frontier is produced by Discovery Studios. Daniel Soiseth and Grant Kahler are executive producers for Discovery Studios, while Cameo Wallace is executive producer for Discovery.

Below, Jewel and her father, Atz Kilcher, who stars in the show, talk about the series and sing the theme song, which Atz wrote.