Discovery Sets 'Yukon Men' Return (Exclusive)

Discovery Channel has set a return date for Yukon Men.

The series returns with new episodes on Sunday, Oct. 20, at 10 p.m.

The Discovery Channel series centers on the residents of frozen Alaskan village Tanana -- located just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, where temperatures last winter hit a record-breaking 70 degrees below freezing -- where the men must hunt and trap to survive. Last season, viewers watched as the Yukon men scrambled to collect enough resources to live through the winter.

Now, the residents are emerging from their homes after six weeks of total darkness and must work to replenish their essentials in the face of the harsh winter storms. This season, father-son relationships will be put to the test, and the men find themselves at a crossroads as they grapple with some life-altering decisions.

Stan Zuray's son, Joey, must step up and take on some of the major responsibilities in order to protect his father from the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness. Meanwhile, Charlie Wright is struggling with his own family, as his son, Bob, must decide if he can handle a life in Tanana or if it’s time to find a job in the big city. Down the street, Pat Moore must deal with a family illness and a business in jeopardy while his daughter Courtney relishes in her pregnancy.       

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look at the new episodes. In this clip, Charlie's son, Bob, carelessly drops an ice chisel in the icy water -- a valuable tool for survival in Tanana. Watch the video above.