Discovery's 'Eaten Alive' Devours 4.1 Million Viewers

Eaten Alive - H 2014

Like it or not, Discovery's Eaten Alive was a hit. The documentary pulled 4.1 million viewers on Sunday night, making it the most-watched Discovery nature program since 2010's Life.

Mired in controversy for the nature of the programming — conservationist Paul Rosolie attempted to be swallowed by an anaconda in a "snakeproof suit" — the two-hour event was a hot topic in the weeks leading up to its premiere. And though it's hardly the kind of ratings that Nik Wallenda stunts pull for the network, it certainly beat most typical Discovery fare.

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The cable network also used the series to launch a special edition of Naked and Afraid. The survivalist series, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, averaged 2.3 million viewers after Eaten Alive.

Eaten Alive drove a lot of social activity as well — though much of that centered on the fact that Rosalie ultimately was not swallowed by the snake that constricted him for more than an hour.