'Gold Rush' Sneak Peek: Dave Makes a $10,000 Mistake (Exclusive Video)

A rookie mistake proves costly for the Hoffman crew in Friday night's episode of the Discovery Channel series Gold Rush.

With the group split in two, Dave Turin is ready to start mining his own claim. His test drills show great results, but Dave makes an error that ends up costing the Hoffmans more than $10,000. By the end of the week a string of disasters makes Todd question his 1,000-ounce goal.

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Meanwhile, the action at Big Nugget finds Parker Schnabel hoping to get up the treacherous road to Smith Creek Hill, where he believes he’ll find millions in gold. But Grandpa John predicts a fatal disaster and forces him to re-consider.

And at Porcupine Creek, Fred and Dustin Hurt are ready to get down to the gold at the bottom of the glory hole, but a government hydrologist warns them that the worst snow in 50 years is about to melt, which means the resulting floods could wipe out their entire mining operation.

Gold Rush: The Wrong Claim airs at 9 p.m. Friday, followed by a new episode of Jungle Gold at 10 p.m.

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The Oct. 26 season premiere of Gold Rush, which is cable's top-rated show on Friday nights, was seen by 4.5 million total viewers.

Watch an exclusive clip from Friday's episode above.