DISH Network Launches Disaster Donation On-Demand Channels

Viewers can use their remotes to send cash to the Red Cross to aid relief efforts in Japan and the U.S.

DISH network is launching on-demand channels to allow viewers to click a button from their remotes to donate to the Red Cross to aid disaster relief efforts in the U.S. and Japan.

Specialty channels labeled "Donate Storm Relief" and "Donate to Japan Here" will be available on the DISH Network menu through July 31, 2011. By following on-screen instructions, customers can add a $5 donation to their monthly bill.

The money will be sent to the American Red Cross to boost emergency relief efforts in earthquake-ravaged Japan and in areas of the U.S. affected by recent deadly tornados.

"We're pleased our technology can be used to assist the American Red Cross," says Dave Shull, senior vice president of programming for DISH Network, in a statement. "We look forward to using this unique approach to aid other causes in the future."

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