Disney Channel's 'Austin & Ally' Heads Into a Futuristic World (Exclusive Video)

Disney Channel's Austin & Ally is flashing forward with a futuristic episode tied to the cable network's programming event, its first Flash Forward Weekend.

Along with A.N.T. Farm, Jessie, Fish Hooks, Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up and Dog With a Blog, Austin & Ally will take part in the themed weekend taking place Friday through Sunday that features original episodes set in the future.

In Austin & Ally, from which The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a scene from Sunday's episode, Austin (Ross Lynch) and Ally (Laura Marano) are transported to a fantastical future, wherein they realize that advanced technology can feel less personal when it comes to song writing and learn to appreciate the traditional process.

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The scene above features Ally and Austin talking about finishing their song for the Galactic Music Festival, which will be beamed all across the galaxy. Excited by the prospect, Austin has desires to finish the song before they meet their friend Trish (Raini Rodriguez), but Ally has other ideas: "The concert's not until tomorrow." Guess in the future, time isn't really an issue — plus the duo has a nifty tool to help cut their song together at rapid pace: the Tune-Pro 21,000,000!

When they meet up with Trish, who works at the FutureMart, things get a little dicey when a customer asks for the most complicated lunch order ever. Watch what happens next.

The special episode of Austin & Ally airs Sunday at 8:30 p.m. following Dog With a Blog on Disney Channel.

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