Disney Channel's 'Wander Over Yonder': Jack McBrayer Battles Evil (Exclusive Video)

Disney Channel readies a new animated effort, Wander Over Yonder, for primetime.

Wander Over Yonder, featuring a voice cast led by 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer, follows best friends, the optimistic intergalactic traveler and do-gooder Wander (McBrayer) and his quick-tempered friend Sylvia (April Winchell). As they make their way through universe, they make new friends and enemies, including Lord Hater (Keith Ferguson) and his Watchdog Army.

The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive clip from the series premiere, "The Greatest," featuring Wander and Sylvia's first encounter with Lord Hater's second-in-command, Commander Peepers (Tom Kenny), leader of the Watchdogs.

Their meeting is more than Commander Peepers asks for, as Wander and Sylvia have some fun at his expense — which angers Lord Hater to no end. Watch the scene above.

THR also exclusively premieres an episodic still from the debut featuring Wander, right, and Lord Hater, left.

Wander Over Yonder debuts Friday at 9 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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