Discovery Channel Goes Pearl Diving Down South in 'Dixie Divers' (Exclusive Video)

Discovery Channel is going diving down South in a new special.

Dixie Divers centers a group of pearl divers in rural Benton County, Tenn., a rural area that is home to the country’s richest supply of mother of pearl. Divers used to make thousands of dollars from these waters, but many of them moved on to other careers when the economy fell on hard times.

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Now, there are only 36 dedicated divers left who making a living off of pearl diving, and they are a comical yet fiercely competitive group who dream of striking it rich by finding a rare pearl that could be worth more than $2,000.

Dixie Divers focuses on the divers' dangerous jobs along with their shenanigans as they compete against each other to pry mussels from the bottom of Kentucky Lake.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from the special (the airdate has yet to be determined). Watch the video above.