'Doctor Who' Exclusive Comic Preview Teases Vacation Plans Gone Wrong

Doctor Who Cover 2 - P 2014
Alice X. Zhang/Titan Comics

Doctor Who Cover 2 - P 2014

Peter Capaldi may have taken over the Tardis in the television version of the BBC’s Doctor Who, but the adventures of his predecessor continue in Titan Comics’ newly-launched Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor series. Ahead of next week’s release of the second issue of the series, The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview of the Doctor’s failed attempt to visit the most perfect planet in the universe.

In the second issue’s lead story, “The Friendly Place,” by Al Ewing and Simon Fraser, the eleventh Doctor and his new companion Alice continue a fond tradition of finding their travel plans stymied by mysterious and foreboding events. Well — it really wouldn’t be Doctor Who if everything went according to plan, would it…?

The issue also features a humor strip from Marc Ellerby, as well as a variant cover by Fraser in addition to Alice X. Zhang’s regular cover, above. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor No. 2 will be released in comic stores and digitally Sept. 10.