'Doctor Who's' Matt Smith Talks American Audiences and Part 2 of Season 6 (Video)

"I like the way American audiences communicate their enthusiasm," the actor tells THR.
Matt Smith from BBC America's "Doctor Who."

Taking over the role of Doctor Who after David Tennant must have been daunting for Matt Smith, but judging by reviews and the audience reception at San Diego Comic-Con, the actor has pulled it off with both British viewers and American audiences.

“A really positive, really enthusiastic one,” Matt Smith tells The Hollywood Reporter after we ask about the reception he has received from American audiences. “I like the way that American audiences communicate their enthusiasm. It’s bold and brilliant and brave.”

VIDEO: Comic-Con 2011 Meets 'Doctor Who's' Matt Smith: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Questions Answered

Smith says British fans still compare his era of the iconic series with that of the man who revived it for contemporary audiences, Russell T. Davies, who left the series after Season 4. And while Smith was a fan of Davies’ work, he says he’s in good hands with the former writer-turned-showrunner, Steven Moffat.

“I’m very fortunate to have Steven Moffat,” Smith says. “Who to my mind is the greatest science fiction writer on the planet. So, I think what he’s done to the show is truly remarkable.”

When the series left off after Part 1 of its sixth season, we found out that River Song (Alex Kingston) is Doctor Who’s current companion Amy (Karen Gillan) and her partner Rory’s (Arthur Darvill) daughter from the future. Smith gave us a quick preview of what to expect when the series returns for its second half on Aug. 27 on BBC America.

“We start with an episode, ‘Let’s Kill Hitler,’” he explains. “Which is a real crack up. Alex Kingston is in brilliant form. Doctor Who does Nazi Germany. It’s brilliant.”

Find out what else we can look forward to when the series returns. Watch our interview below.


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