Dog Attacks NBC Anchor During Live Broadcast (Video)


Video of an anchorwoman being attacked by a dog on live television has gained national attention, and sparked debate over the station's attempt to strike the video from the Internet.

Kyle Dyer of Denver's NBC affiliate 9News, was bitten on the lip by a dog Wednesday during the station's morning news show. The dog, an Argentine mastiff named Gladiator Maximus, had been rescued from a frozen lake the day before. He was appearing on the program with his owner and the firefighter who rescued him, when Dyer leaned toward the dog, and it attacked her.

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The Today Show picked up the story Thursday, but declined to air the footage of the attack. 9News has also declined to air the footage, and has issued takedown notices to people who have put it online.

Denver's alternative newspaper criticized that decision, pointing out the station has aired violent videos as part of its news coverage, including footage of a hit-and-run accident last December.

"Was this any less traumatizing for the victims and their loved ones than was the sight of a giant dog lunging at Dyer's face was for her co-workers? Probably not," wrote Westword. "But 9News ran it anyway, because it was newsworthy -- and that was the right choice."

Westwood has posted video of the attack.

Hours after the attack, 9News News Director Patti Dennis told viewers that Dyer was doing well and would make a full recovery. She also touted the network's involvement with animal charities, and said they would reconsider safety measures for bringing animals on air in the future.

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"We're very proud and very interested in helping animals in the community," Dennis said.

The dog's owner has been cited for not having his dog on a leash, though he did have his hand around the dog's collar during the interview. The dog is currently being observed by Denver animal control, but will be released to his owner if he shows no further irregular behavior.

Dyer was released from the hospital Thursday.

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