Cesar Millan's 'Leader of the Pack' Sneak Peek Debuts (Exclusive Video)

Former Dog Whisperer star Cesar Millan is back and ready to lead the pack.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look at the first six minutes of Millan’s new show, Leader of the Pack, which is slated to premiere Jan. 5 on Nat Geo Wild.

The show follows Millan as he rehabilitates rescued dogs whose severe behavioral problems make their chances of adoption slim to none. Three teams of candidates -- including couples, individuals and families -- will then compete for the chance to give these dogs forever homes.

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Dog Whisperer had a passion, but Leader of the Pack has a mission,” Millan said in a statement. “My goal with this show is to awaken the world to how many dogs are euthanized in one year, how we kill them and how the world really treats what we call man’s best friend.”

Viewers will get to see Millan’s Dog Psychology Center in Miraflores, just outside of Madrid, Spain, where the dogs will be rehabilitated and the candidates will be trained in how to properly handle them.

In the exclusive clip from the premiere episode, Millan meets a black Labrador named Jet, a shelter dog whose unruly, aggressive behavior has kept him from being adopted. Millan quickly calms Jet and gives him a Rollerblade workout, with Jet pulling the canine expert along a scenic hillside road.

The first episode will see a young couple, a family with two daughters and a single woman who owns dozens of animals, vie to impress Millan with their dog skills and convince him they are the right match to be the leader of Jet’s pack.

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“Many people around the world adopt or purchase a dog they are not prepared for and make the unfortunate decision to abandon them,” Millan said. “I’m excited to give some of these animals a new lease on life.”

Leader of the Pack premieres Jan. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Nat Geo Wild. 

Watch the video above, courtesy Nat Geo Wild.