'Dollhouse's' Dichen Lachman Joins Shawn Ryan's ABC Drama 'Last Resort'

Dichen Lachman - PR Headshot - 2011

Dichen Lachman Headshot 2011

Dollhouse's Dichen Lachman has joined the ensemble cast in Shawn Ryan's ABC drama pilot The Last Resort.

Revolving around the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who, after ignoring an order to fire nuclear missiles, wind up being hunted and escape to a NATO outpost where they declare themselves to be the world's smallest nuclear nation.

Lachman will play Tani Tumrenjak, a native of the island where the crew winds up. The daughter of an elder tribesman, she's described as a mixture of intelligence and naivete and has ambitions beyond the local bar she inherited that rest outside of Sainte Marina.  

Felicity's Scott Speedman and Men of a Certain Age's Andre Braugher star as crew members aboard the U.S.S. Nevada. Autumn Reeser, Daisy Betts and Daniel Lissing co-star in the Sony Pictures Television drama.

Karl Gajdusek and Ryan penned the pilot, with The Shield creator on board to executive produce. Casino Royale director Martin Campbell has been tapped helm the project earlier this week.

Lachman, who is recurring this season on Syfy's Being Human, played Sierra, an "active," on Joss Whedon's Fox series Dollhouse. She's repped by Gersh, McKeon-Myones Management and Stone Meyer.